Premium Boarding for the Pampered Cat

Your cat will miss you just a little bit less at Pet Paradise. Our boarding facility exceeds a typical cat sitting experience with  "purrrks" like private condos with comfortable beds, auto-fill water bowls and more. We also ensure that play sessions are either conducted individually or with compatible buddies. If you're jonesing for a kitty fix, our live webcam is always just a click away.

Locations Reservations

Our multi-level cat condos offer your cat a premium place to stay during their vacation. While being in the comfort of a private and spacious room, they can spend time exploring or comfortably enjoy plenty of “me time” snuggled up on their plush cat bed that we provide.

We’re helping cats live their best lives. All nine of them. Cat playtimes are individual unless family members are staying together. During playtime your cat has the option to climb cat trees, enjoy scratching posts, catch-up on naps, play laser tag with a team member and has endless toys to pick from! With tons of activities to choose from, your cat will never get bored!

Conveniently located at the front of the resort, cats get to enjoy the best seat in the house! Besides all the items to play with, during playtime cats have ample window ledges to choose from with a variety of intriguing views to keep them constantly entertained. When they’ve had enough window watching time, they have team members ready to snuggle and give them lots of love!

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