We’ve got playtimes covered

Crazy work schedule? Hello, doggy day care! We have all the playtime activities, swimming pool jumps and behind-the-ear scratches that make “going on a trip” a billion times better. It’s a new day in pet care, and it’s looking a lot like Paradise.

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We take playtime very seriously.

  • Play groups created based on size & activity level
  • Play times supervised by playtime coordinators
  • Variety of activities & games in play yards & pools
  • Lil' Camper Report Card to show off your proud pet parent moment

Premium Amenities

  • Bone-shaped swimming pools, kiddie pools & splash pads
  • Jungle gyms & endless toys
  • Synthetic grass play areas & indoor play areas
  • Shaded areas & misting stations in play yards


Benefits of Socialization

  • Socializing your dog increases their quality of life
  • Promotes a healthy & happy lifestyle
  • Teaches dogs how to interact & play with lots of dogs & people
  • Your dog will come home tired & ready to cuddle
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