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Imagine a place for pet care that was so exciting, it had your dog wagging like crazy the moment you walked in. Or your puppy going full tongue-out when they come flying through the door. Or your cat showing absolutely no emotion at all, as per usual. You can stop imagining, because we have all the playtime activities, swimming pool jumps, veterinary exams in play yards and behind-the-ear scratches that make “going on a trip” a billion times better. It’s a new day in pet care, and it’s looking a lot like paradise.

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Peace of Mind – For You and Your Pet

At Pet Paradise Resort and Day Spa®, we go beyond "doggy daycare." Learning your pet's name, happy place and favorite things to do makes them feel like family. Clean indoor/outdoor suites, synthetic grass dog parks and splash pools give them ample space to relax, be active or make friends. Daily "Pawgress Reports" and live webcams mean that even though you're missing your pet, you won't miss out on the daily highlights.

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