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We’re a Different Kind of Pet Care

  • Complete dog and cat care for every age and stage
  • Best-in-class veterinarians, recruited by our pet-obsessed Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jaime Pickett
  • Our methods include treats, exams in the play yard, warm blankets, and more!
  • All the preventive and primary care your pet needs at a flat monthly rate
  • Unlimited office visits, drop-and-go annual exams, virtual exams, free days of camp and more
  • 3 plan options: Core, Vital, and Premium
  • Get emergency care at NewDay Veterinary Care Jacksonville Hospital
  • Offering range of services from orthopedic surgeries to wellness consultations
  • Personalized vaccination recommendations
  • Fast, in-house diagnostics tests
  • Dental cleanings available with and without sedation
  • Day Camp and Veterinary Care Package
  • Includes wellness exams PLUS day camp
  • Day Camp rates start at only $25/day when you sign up for the Vital or Premium wellness plan

Pick a Plan That’s Right for You and Your Pet

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The core plan offers the essentials to help maintain your pet’s health.


per month

Unlimited office visits

Connected Care: 2 Virtual Exams

2 free days of Day Camp per year

Core vaccines

2 intestinal fecal exams

3 routine dewormings

Heartworm test

Leukemia and FIV test

Ear and skin cytology

Interstate Health Certificate

nearest veterinarians open weekends


The Vital plan adds an additional layer of prevention for your pet.


per month

Core Plan features PLUS:

Connected Care: 4 Virtual Exams

4 free days of Day Camp per year

$25/day flat rate for Day Camp
(saves you up to 50%)



nearest veterinarians open weekends


The Premium plan offers the complete care package for your pet.


per month

Vital Plan features PLUS:

Connected Care: 6 Virtual Exams

6 free days of camp per year

1 dental cleaning or spay/neuter


Blood pressure check

Pulse oximetry

Leukemia vaccine

Canine Influenza and Lyme vaccine

Other Pet Services

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Day Care

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