5 Life-Saving Commands Every Dog Should Know

September 12, 2020 Lili Kendall
dalmatian laying down

We know some of these commands might seem pretty ordinary, but teaching your dog these could save a life or help someone in need!

1. Their Name

Your dog probably already knows their name, but teaching them to recognize their name is a good starting point! Teaching them to know and love hearing their name sets a strong foundation for future training.

2. Sit

Teaching your dog to sit is essential: they’ll know they’re supposed to stay sitting until you let them know otherwise. Whether you’re in a crowded place or want to keep your pup from jumping up on people, this command will keep them safe!

3. Stay

Although “sit” is usually enough for your pup to know they need to stay still, teaching them to stay positively reinforces that. Your dog will know they aren’t to move again until you say so. 

4. Wait

This may seem similar to “stay,” but “wait” is best for if you want your dog to stop mid-run or mid-stride. For example, you can teach your dog to stop walking for a few seconds with “wait” if you’re on a walk and need to pause: this focuses their attention back on you.

5. Drop it

“Leave it” also works for this one too! Dogs are curious creatures and may stumble upon something they shouldn’t eat or play with from time to time. Teaching them to “drop it” may save them from eating something toxic. 


Show us what commands your canine knows! Share videos of your pet showing off their smarts and tag @petparadiseresort. 


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