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Protect Your Dog from Leptospirosis

October 22, 2021
Leptospirosis is a potentially deadly bacterial disease that is carried by wildlife and transmitted through their urine. It can be found in any body of water outside: creeks, lakes, streams, and even puddles in your backyard. Any dog that goes outside is at risk for Leptospirosis! Leptospirosis also affects people. It is the most ...
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Separation Anxiety in Dogs

September 23, 2021
separation anxiety
Being apart is always hard, and separation anxiety is one of the most common behavioral complaints from dog owners. By identifying the problem and acting early, you can help your pet be content when you’re away from home.
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Heartworm Disease

September 20, 2021 Dr. Clay Hellner, Regional Veterinary Medical Director for Pet Paradise
Heartworms are one of the deadliest parasites we see frequently in dogs. The good news is that heartworms are easily preventable with a medication prescribed by your Pet Paradise Veterinarian.
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Dog and Cat Microchips: How They Work and The Benefits

April 15, 2021 LILI KENDALL
pet microchip
We know your dog is more than a pet. He or she is a member of your family. And if the unthinkable happens, and your dog gets lost, microchips are the only permanent way to reunite you with your pet. National Pet ID week is coming up, and we want you to understand how microchips ...
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How to Check & Update Your Pet's Microchip

August 15, 2020 Lili Kendall
dog with veterinarian and technician
The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) officially recognizes August 15 as National Check the Chip Day to help remind pet parents to update their pet’s microchip. Did you know your pet’s microchip is their only permanent form of identification? If you’ve moved recently, now’s a great time to check and update your chip!
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