August 2020

How to Check & Update Your Pet's Microchip

August 15, 2020 Lili Kendall
dog with veterinarian and technician
The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) officially recognizes August 15 as National Check the Chip Day to help remind pet parents to update their pet’s microchip. Did you know your pet’s microchip is their only permanent form of identification? If you’ve moved recently, now’s a great time to check and update your chip!
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7 Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

August 14, 2020 Lili Kendall
dog at beach with owner
Summer days are meant to be spent with your best furry friend. Longer days and warmer weather means more outdoor time you two can enjoy together. These 7 dog-friendly, summer-approved activities are sure to keep you both happy and active!
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A Month of Wellness in Paradise

August 01, 2020 Lili Kendall
Wellness Month
August is a month of wellness centered in Paradise. Throughout the month, we’ll share pet health tips and tricks on our Instagram and Facebook feeds, as well as blogs relating to your pet’s health and happiness!
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