5 Myths about Pitbulls and Bully Breeds

October 21, 2020 Lili Kendall
three pitbulls in a play yard
At Pet Paradise we have so much love for our Pitbull and bully breed friends. As a pet care provider that doesn't discriminate any breed, we wanted to break down common misconceptions about them that will surely change anyone's mind!

Myth #1: Pitbulls and bully breeds are the most "dangerous" types of dogs. 

Fact: According to a peer-reviewed study that analyzed 10 years' worth of dog bite and bite-related incidents, American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) researchers determined these dog bites were classified as preventable issues unaffected by the dog's breed. Researchers suggested solutions such as breed-discriminating laws were ineffective in preventing dog bites, since a dog's breed is simply not enough of a determining factor.

According to a study published in the Veterinary Journal, dogs that are assumed to be Pitbulls are incorrectly identified about 60% of the time, and one in three shelter dogs were misidentified as Pitbulls. It is possible that some of these reports are inaccurately identifying other mixed-breed dogs as Pitbulls.

Myth #2: Pitbulls can lock their jaws and have the strongest bites. 

Fact: No dog breed has the ability to "lock" its jaw. The strength of a dog's bite is directly correlated to their size, so naturally larger dogs bite harder. A Pitbull's bite is actually weaker than the English Mastiff's or the Rottweiler's*.

*Bite strength does not mean these dogs are more dangerous! These breeds just happen to be larger and physically stronger than Pitbulls - this does not make them "bad."

Myth #3: Pitbulls are more dog-aggressive than other dogs.

Fact: Any type of dog can show aggression, regardless of their breed. A study on canine aggression found that dog-aggression did not differ between Pitbulls and bully breeds when compared to the control group, Golden Retrievers. No scientific study has ever confirmed that a specific breed is more aggressive toward other dogs than others.

Myth #4: Bully breeds are not adoptable. 

Fact: All dogs are adoptable! The reality is many rescue pups come from less-than-desirable homes, so any rescue requires some level of patience regardless of their breed. Pitbulls are a lot more lovable and loyal than they get credit for. Why not give a sweet bully boy or girl a good home?

Myth #5: Bully breeds are adorable and have the cutest square-shaped heads.

Fact: This is actually 100% true. No lies here!

Hopefully this fact vs. fiction guide has affirmed your love for bully breeds, or maybe eased your worries about them. All a dog needs is love, care, proper training and a responsible owner. If you can, consider opening your home to foster some bully babies or even adopt your own Pit pal!

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