5 Things Your Cat's Trying to Tell You

December 10, 2020 Lili Kendall
cat laying on cat tower

Our feline friends are known for being fairly independent animals, so it’s normal if every once in a while you question what they're trying to tell you! We'll break down five common cat behaviors and what they mean:

1.     Kneading on You

Sometimes when you’re cuddled up with your cat they might start kneading their paws, or as we prefer to say, start makin’ biscuits! This is their way of showing affection.

2.     Cheek Rubs

Never take these for granted! Cats have scent glands in their head and cheeks. When they rub their face against you, they're trying to claim you as part of their group.

3.     Meowing and vocalization

Did you know meowing is actually how cats communicate with people? Cats don't typically meow at other cats. Cats meow for many reasons, whether it's to tell us they're hungry or want to come in/go outside. When you respond to your cat's meows, they learn that you'll do something for them. If your cat's meowing and vocalization increases, however, we recommend taking them to your veterinarian. 

4.     Sneak Attacks

Does your cat ever pounce at your feet or jump out at you from behind a door? This is just their way of saying they want to play! Cats who do this frequently may be bored—consider getting your cat new toys and having a toy ready for whenever they pounce next. 

5.     Rolling Over on Their Backs

Cats do this when they're relaxed. If your cat rolls over on their back and shows you their belly, it's their way of saying they feel safe. When your cat does this, make sure to spend quality time with them so they feel even more safe and loved!

We hope this helps you better understand what your feline friend wants you to know! Don't forget to share your cat photos with us this month and tag @PetParadiseResort. 

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