How to Check & Update Your Pet's Microchip

August 15, 2020 Lili Kendall
dog with veterinarian and technician

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) officially recognizes August 15 as National Check the Chip Day to help remind pet parents to update their pet’s microchip. Did you know your pet’s microchip is their only permanent form of identification? If you’ve moved recently, now’s a great time to check and update your chip!


Find out your pet's microchip number

If you don’t already have your pet’s microchip number, give your veterinarian a call or bring your pet to the vet! You can also bring your pet to animal control, animal shelters or an adoption agency (if you adopted from a specific rescue) to get their chip scanned.

Find out your pet's microchip brand or type 

Give your veterinarian or your pet’s rescue a call—they will have this on file if you can’t find it in your files. You may also check your pet’s microchip type on a universal pet microchip search engine

If your pet’s chip is up-to-date, great! If not, here’s what to do next:


After finding your pet’s chip type

Contact your microchip provider. Their information will be provided to you by the microchip search engine!

What if my pet doesn’t have a microchip?

All of our veterinary clinics provide microchipping! You can go to your local Pet Paradise veterinary clinic and our partners on our resort’s location pages. We’re here to help!

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