Looking to Adopt? Fur Sisters Rescue Founder, Kelly Krehbiel has Some Advice

January 19, 2022 Abigail Curran
Fur Sisters Furever Urs Rescue

Since Wacky Wednesdays began in 2009, Pet Paradise has donated over $350,000 to more than 100 organizations nationally. Fur Sisters is one of the charities Pet Paradise donates to through Wacky Camp Days.

Kelly Krehbiel started Fur Sisters about 6 years ago. “I had gone out to Putnam County to go pick up a dog that I was interested in adopting myself and I found out exactly how bad the situation was in these rural county shelters.” Krehbiel says they end up having to euthanize for space. “When I went out there and actually saw it for myself, that's what made me decide to do more.” Krehbiel says that the rural rescues depend on other rescues (like Fur Sisters) to take dogs out of the shelter and put them into foster homes. “We pay for all their vet care until they're adopted and we've found so many dogs homes over the past six years. It's been amazing.” All her dogs are rescues, two from Putnam County. 

Fur Sisters is a foster based rescue. The dogs are taken out of the shelter and put in a home environment so they can start decompressing. That’s when Kreibel says they start learning more about their personality and are better able to place them in their forever homes.

Bringing home a new rescue is exciting! Krehbiel has some advice for new pet parents. “Give it time to settle, things aren't instantly perfect. These dogs a lot of times are coming from stressful situations. The shelter is very scary and stressful. So when we get a dog out of that situation and put them into a home,” Kreibel likes to tell people, “three days for them to feel slightly comfortable, three weeks for them to start settling into a routine and about three months until they actually feel like they're home.” Patience is the key to success. Give them the opportunity to relax and show their personality. 

Resort Manager Molly says Pet Paradise Jacksonville University Blvd. chose to donate to Fur Sisters because, "they are a great team of people who really care for these dogs and we are happy to help in any way we can. One of their rescues, Indie, was adopted by former Jags player Josh Lambo and she has been a regular customer with Pet Paradise ever since!" Krehbiel says Pet Paradise has helped with discounted vet care, boarding and donations.

“Every dollar adds up,” says Krehbiel, “because our vet bills are discounted, but not free. Just a rabies vaccination is anywhere from 10 to $15.” She went on to say that, “to vet one dog, it's anywhere from $200 to $500, depending on what that dog needs, because we take a lot of dogs in that have medical needs as well.” 

To learn more information or to donate to Fur Sisters you can go to their website, Or Venmo @fursistersjaxbch. Or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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