Pet Fire Safety Tips

September 21, 2020 Lili Kendall
dog in fire hat

As pet parents, we do everything we can to keep our pets safe and comfortable. About 500,000 pets are affected by house fires each year, and 1,000 of these pets accidentally caused the fires. Creating a fire safety plan involving your furry friends could save a life one day. Follow these 8 guidelines for peace of mind:

1. Include your fur babies in your fire drill practice

Talk with your family or roommates about practicing an emergency plan involving your pet, and make sure you’re familiar with your pet’s favorite hiding spots.

2. Extinguish any open flames in your house

Dogs and cats are curious creatures and may accidentally knock over candles and other flammable products while exploring.

3. Use fire-free products, like flameless candles

Flameless candles give your home the same cozy feel without the risk! You may still want to keep them out of your pet’s reach to avoid any accidents.

4. Remove or cover stove knobs

We know some canine (and feline!) friends are pretty quick on their feet and like exploring everything. They could accidentally turn on stove or oven knobs: remove these knobs if you plan on leaving your pet alone, or purchase some pet-proof knob covers.

5. Use stainless steel bowls outdoors

If your dog or cat prefers eating with a view, make sure their bowls are glass-free: glass bowls on a wooden surface pose a great fire risk.

6. Keep your young pets in a pet-proof space

Puppies and kittens are adorable, but they can also be mischievous! Keep them in a comfortable crate or enclosed in baby gates to avoid any potential dangers while you’re gone.

7. Place a Pet Alert window sticker outside of your home

These decals help firefighters locate your pets and are available for free at many shelters, clinics and pet stores. Make sure your pet is kept close to the front of your home!

8. Leave collars on pets and have leashes out

Make sure you leave leashes near the front of your home for convenient access in the event of an emergency.


Not every emergency is predictable, but the best thing you can do for you and your pet is to be well-prepared. Be sure to share these tips with your fellow fur parents to keep everyone safe!


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