Jaxon de Ville Visits the Pet Paradise Cattery

December 08, 2021
Jaxon de Ville in the Pet Paradise Cattery

Even the coolest cats need a chance to “paws” and relax. After Jaguars games, Jaxson de Ville loves to unwind in the Pet Paradise Cattery.

There are so many “purrks” for felines who stay in Paradise, and Jaxson took advantage of all of them!

  • cat trees, toys, and scratching posts
  • private and spacious condos
  • cuddle time with human friends

Plus, pet owners can check in at any time with our real-time webcams. We’re here to give your feline family the MVP treatment while you’re away, so you can bring them home feeling relaxed and recharged. 


Learn more and book your kitty’s stay in Paradise!

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