The Value of Socialization and Physical Activity

May 03, 2023
Pet Paradise

Allowing your pet to interact with other animals and frequently exercise can lead to a more well-behaved and healthier pet. There are many benefits to socializing your pet and giving them frequent opportunities to play and exercise, and these benefits will improve both your life as a pet owner as well as your pet’s life.

Benefits of socialization

Many pets are social beings and enjoy interacting and playing with other animals. Giving your pet exposure to other animals when they are young can help them become more confident and less likely to experience fear or anxiety when encountering other pets. Socialization also exposes your pet to new places, smells and sounds in the outside world.  

Pets can learn cues and mannerisms from other pets they interact with, which can help them develop positive behaviors. Playing with other pets also helps your pet make developmental strides.

A pet that is socialized can also be taken to more places such as pet-friendly restaurants, dog-parks and will likely enjoy going to day camp or being boarded. Socializing through day camp or boarding also teaches them to become more comfortable being away from their owners, and for pet parents, their pet comes home tired and happy.

Socializing your pet is also a great way to keep them active and moving. Especially with dogs, playtime can be a rigorous exercise that is mentally and physically stimulating. At Pet Paradise, many pet parents send their pups to our day camp to give them the opportunity to play in a safe environment. Our playgroups are organized by the size and activity of your dog, so if you have a playful and energetic pup, they will be placed with similar dogs. All of the playtime is supervised by playtime coordinators to ensure all pets remain healthy and happy.

Benefits of physical activity

Like humans, pets need regular exercise to stay healthy, prevent obesity and aid pets in maintaining their muscle mass, keeping their joints healthy, as well as improving their cardiovascular health. Obesity in pets can lead to many other health related issues including diabetes and joint pain, making it extremely important your pet maintains a healthy weight.

Exercise can also reduce pet anxiety, stress and improve their mental health. Pets that lead active lives tend to be happier and more content.  Younger pets especially have a lot of energy that they need to expend, and giving them a healthy outlet to release that energy will improve their mood and help them sleep better.

Pet owners often have busy schedules, which makes the option to send your pet to day camp a great way for pets to both socialize with other animals, people and get a lot of exercise. Along with having playtime, pets can enjoy Pet Paradise’s signature bone-shaped swimming pool, splash pads, misting stations, jungle gyms, toys, and outdoor and indoor play areas. Pets are able to get plenty of exercise and have fun.

Another benefit from exercising your pet is that it helps to create a bond and spend time together. Going for walks with your pet is great for both of you, and helps to strengthen your bond. Be sure to meet with your vet to learn how much exercise you should be giving your pet, as the amount of time can be dependent on their age, breed and health.

Pets who get regular exercise and given opportunities to socialize lead healthier and happier lives. Sending your pet to day camp or boarding at Pet Paradise is a great way to expose them to new people and animals, and allow them to be active and playful in a safe and monitored environment.

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