7 Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

August 14, 2020 Lili Kendall
dog at beach with owner

Summer days are meant to be spent with your best furry friend. Longer days and warmer weather means more outdoor time you two can enjoy together. These 7 dog-friendly, summer-approved activities are sure to keep you both happy and active!

1. Plan a Beach Day 

Bring your pup to a dog-friendly beach for a day in the sun. Be sure to bring an umbrella, water,  sunscreen for the two of you (yes—our fur babies need it too!), and plenty of energy to splash the day away!  

2. Go for a Hike 

There’s nothing better than connecting with nature and your best friend! Your dog will love all the smells, sights and sounds, too. Be sure to bring a comfortable harness and plenty of water. 

3. Play at the Dog Park 

Is your dog a social butterfly? Bring them to your local dog park so they can zoom around with their four-legged friends and play fetch with you! 

4. Run on Nature Trails 

Having a running buddy is great motivation for the two of you! It’s recommended that dogs do not participate in strenuous running until they’re fully grown. This varies with age and breed, so talk to your veterinarian before you hit the trails. 

5. Go Boating 

Summer’s meant to be spent on the water. You and your pup can lay out on the deck or anchor down for a swim! Be sure to bring them a life jacket too: even larger dogs can get tired from doggy paddling.

6. Plan a Camping Trip 

Camping’s a fun and relaxing way for both of you to take a break. Make sure your pet is up-to-date on all of their preventatives, and bring lots of water and food you can easily pack! 

7. Picnic Date at the Park 

Take your best friend to a dog-friendly park and lay out your blanket in the shade! While you enjoy your fruit and cheese board, they’ll enjoy their treats and doggy toys. 

And remember—if you’re busy working remote or finishing up home projects, you can always bring your fur baby in for a Paradise playdate!  


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