Pet Emergency Preparedness Kit

September 05, 2020 Lili Kendall
Dog with first aid kit

September is National Preparedness Month, and we’re here to help you be the best and most prepared pet parent! Whether you’re evacuating a storm or if your power goes out, check out the top things you need in your pet’s emergency kit:

First Aid Kit

Be sure your first aid kit includes supplies like bandages, gauze, medical tape, cotton balls, antibiotic ointment and tweezers.


Bringing your pet’s favorite toys will keep them preoccupied and less stressed!

Vaccine/Medical Records

These are good to have on hand in case of emergency: we recommend keeping them safe in a folder.

Paper Towels

These and other cleaning supplies are helpful for cleaning potential accidents.

Dish Soap 

In addition to cleaning, dish soap is generally mild enough to wash off any toxins your furry friend could get into contact with.


A flashlight or other portable light source is always good to have in case your power goes out.


These will comfort your pet and remind them how good they’re being!


Bring at least one week’s worth of food if you and your pet are traveling or need to evacuate.


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